Another Amazing Week

Another amazing week has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

Wednesday was spent playing in the waves and laying on the beach at Mooloolaba. Thursday night at Varsity was a blast, like always.



On Friday, Maddison, Simon, Emily and I drove down to Surfer’s Paradise area on the Gold Coast. We met up with some of Simon’s friends and went out on Friday night; on Saturday, we relaxed at the beach and park, then went out again, but to some other bars and clubs. The live band was playing some of our favorite music, so we sang, danced, and had a really fun night.



The sun was shining when we got back on Sunday, so we took advantage of that and hung out by the pool all day. That evening, we all decided to go out to O’Malley’s pub together, since Anzac Day meant no classes Monday. The place was packed full until midnight, when we returned back to Varsity to continue the fun.



On Monday, we were exhausted, sore, and feeling sick – there’s a cold/flu bug going around the complex. A few of us who were feeling decent went into a little bar near the beach that evening to play board games and get away for a bit. More laziness followed on Tuesday, but we did manage to get a few hours of tennis, basketball, and some stretching in.



On Wednesday, after a presentation at uni, we made some delicious lunch together. We hung around on the patio for most of the day, and planned our next adventure for the long upcoming weekend: Byron Bay!



Last night was another one for the books, as we had a great time playing card games, dancing, socializing. Today is humid and rainy, perfect for sitting at the library, finishing all our studying before we head out tomorrow.




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