Lazy Days, Crazy Nights

Life has been very laid back these past few weeks. So, this update is going to be simple, short, and sweet.


When I arrived home from Sydney, I got to catch up with friends and hear about their wild Uni night. Over the weekend we spent Friday night at a local market on Ocean Street, Saturday afternoon climbing Mt. Coolum, and 9 hours on Sunday paddling the Maroochy and Eudlo rivers.






The market was full of good finds, the hike was quick (but painful – a straight stairway up), and the paddling was a good experience. The day was free and all planned out; it was one of the five required field trips for my Outdoor Living and Travel Skills course. Although Emily and I were a little angsty and exhausted by the time we hopped from the kayaks to the canoes, we found things to laugh about and keep us distracted.

Over the week we were a bit lazy. And by a bit, I mean all out, 100%. We did manage to have a spaghetti dinner together, get some much needed haircuts, and have a floor-bed sleepover, though.



Thursday came around and we all had a really fun night; there was a Hawaiian themed pool party at Varsity. We gathered together, got all dressed up, and eventually everyone got thrown into the pool.


Luckily for me, I didn’t have any valuables in my pockets. It would have made the following week a little tougher, considering my newly empty bank account. When you’re living on your own and Mom is on the opposite side of the world, you realize all those things she pestered you for (“quit spending money, Annale!”) had their own good reasons. Consequently, I’m still going to have to live without that wonderful Mom advice for a few more months, so I’m in the process of hunting for a job.

On Friday, I joined the French crew at a night club, Level 2, for Saïmonn’s birthday. We had an amazing, wild night all together, and stayed up til 7 am. If you know me, you know I rarely make it past 2 am without falling asleep; it was clearly a great time.




On Saturday, we planned on going to Brisbane with all our friends for another birthday, Dylan’s 21st. However, we had a few last minute issues and ended up staying back. Emily, Maddi and I still wanted to have a good time regardless of our cancelled plans, so the three of us went out to the Helm, another night club. We made it as fun as we could, and it ended up being a fabulous night.


This week, we’ve been hanging around, catching up on group projects at uni, playing volleyball, and enjoying the sun (when it’s out). It’s been getting a little chillier here, with more and more cloudy, gray days. I’m anticipating quite a bit of smart comments from friends and family back home as the weather here gets worse, and there, better. My older sister has even let me know already that the Chicago temps are hotter than the Sunshine Coast, ugh!

No complaints though – it’s still beautiful here, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.




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