Easter Break

The time just keeps flying by – Easter Break is already over!



We did it all. From beach days to waterfall exploring, to scuba diving and dancing til 5 AM, we had the best 12 day break possible.

After spending the day soaking up the sun in Seventeen Seventy, we made a stop to stay overnight at a smalltown hostel with the most wonderful and desired air-conditioning.



Airlie Beach came next, which ironically had one of the worst beaches (okay, but it was still a beach, I know!). They did have a large lagoon swimming and lookout area though, and it was accompanied by dozens of shops, restaurants, bars, and hostels. We relaxed for the afternoon, went out to and made new friends at various bars and clubs until the sun came back around, then continued our journey to Cairns. Not surprisingly, Emily and I sort of became coffee addicts by the end of this roadtrip.Snapchat-5139948465255534384




The longest stretch of driving was 7 hours, but completely worth it. Cairns was incredible! We camped out in our car and began the hunt for waterfalls in the morning; we found two! Josephine Falls was massive and hands down, my favorite one. We began by swimming and sliding at the base, later making our way up to the top, jumping off rocks, trees, and struggling to swim across the high-current pool.



The following day was one of the best in my life – we went scuba diving for the first time at the Great Barrier Reef. Our sailboat held around 15 people, and only about 6 of us chose to dive. The crew was so much fun and made us feel comfortable and fearless. It was the most amazing experience – so amazing that we are determined to get our scuba certification before our time here ends.





If the crew and my oxygen tank would have allowed it, I would’ve stayed in the water forever.

The minute we got back to our car, we began heading back towards Brisbane. Airlie Beach was so wonderful the first time through that we had to stop again. I got the chance to meet up with my new friends again, and once again, we all had a great night. The next day was all about rest and relaxation to prepare for our day trip to the Whitsundays the following morning.


Just like anywhere at all in Australia, the scenery around the islands was breathtaking. We explored Hamilton Island on a rental buggy, then soaked up the sun and swam (until Emily got stung by a jellyfish) at Australia’s #1 beach, Whitehaven Beach.




We had to stop at our beloved air-conditioned hostel again that night. In the morning we played around at a new waterfall, then went on to a small, family-oriented beach town called Yeppoon and spent the hot afternoon on the beach.

Once again, a night at Hervey Bay, followed by our great last day on the shores of Noosa.

The roadtrip was absolutely incredible from start to finish. We got our fill of good food, fun, and conversations, and made some awesome new friends.

Back to reality – week 5 at uni was strictly exams and papers that were put off until the last minute. We got through it though, and enjoyed sharing stories with all of our friends that we parted with for the break.

On Wednesday I made last minute plans and caught a plane to Sydney. We had drinks with amazing views at the Opera House Bar and top-story, rotating O Bar in the city center. We swam at Coogee Beach, shopped, and I even tried sushi for the first time (and loved it).

I am so happy I got the chance to spend a few extra days with the group I met in Airlie Beach before they returned home to Switzerland.




Now I am on a plane back to Brisbane, and regretting my terrible blogging procrastination. Future updates should be more regular now that the holidays are over.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Break with good food, friends, and loved ones!




  1. I am so jealous – you did exactly the trip we did up to Cairnes. Would love to do it again – can’t imagine the changes in 40 years. I hear you may stay awhile longer – told your Grandpa you would. It’s an amazing country. If I Wasn’t going to Spain in September with a girlfriend I’d be coming to visit. Think of you often – so fun to follow your travels. Enjoy your time back at school. Will anxiously look for more updates. Hugs from Grandpa and I.

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