The Time of my Life

As the days go by, I feel myself growing to love this place, these people, and this life more and more. I know I can speak for Emily, too, when I say I’m undoubtedly having the time of my life.


Since our trip to Brisbane, we’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, cheered on some friends at the annual Varsity volleyball tournament, and began a 1,597 kilometer (992 mile) road trip up the east coast to Cairns.

St. Patty’s day was a great day from start to finish; it’s a simple fact that we will take any reason at all to celebrate and have a good time. Unfortunately, once again, I failed miserably at capturing photos. Still working on improving that!


Saturday was spent socializing at our apartment complex, where a volleyball tournament was hosted all day. This consisted of teams from Varsity and the student accommodation across the street, Uni Central. It was a busy day full of opportunities to meet some new people. Team Canada took 1st place, so Varsity gets to hold onto the trophy until next year.


Now that our 12 day Easter break has begun, we are heading up to the Great Barrier Reef in a rental car and enjoying every minute. The scenery was so beautiful throughout the entire drive, we found ourselves asking each other “why does anyone choose live in ND/MN over this?!”


On Wednesday afternoon, we drove a few hours to Hervey Bay (Emily handled the backwards-left-side-driving like a champ) where we stayed the night after watching a karaoke contest at a local beach bar.

Early this morning, we hopped on a ferry with a tour group of about 10 people to Fraser Island. Thr crystal clear Lake McKenzie, 75 mile beach, Maheno shipwreck, and a bumpy-yet-entertaining ride through the forest were a few of todays main attractions. We had a great time and luckily had just enough energy remaining to cruise north for a few more hours before stopping for the night.



Tomorrow we are planning a beach day at Seventeen Seventy  (yes, that’s the name of the town) and another afternoon of driving.

Looking forward to the week ahead: the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.



  1. We did that same trip 40 years ago in our old Holden station wagon. If you get a chance to go out on the water and ride on a Boom Boat do it – it was such a fun time. Not sure what they might call it now or if they still do it but there was a Boom out from the boat with a net hanging down from it and you could hang onto the net and ride through the waves. Sounds like Australia has won your heart like it did mine,nod glad you are enjoying it so much. Be safe. Love you, Pat


    • I would have loved to go out into the water, but they don’t do any boats at all along the 75 mile beach! The waves are very rough and unpredictable, and apparently there’s quite a few species of harmful jelly fish near the shore. That sounds like so much fun, though! It’s definitely won my heart. Love you, miss you, take care! Thanks for staying in touch!


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