Despite being covered in sand and sweat the entire time, the two days/nights we spent at Bondi were perfect and unforgettable.


Bondi Beach – pronounced bon-dai, not bon-dee – is where we spent two days of our week long trip to Sydney. This beach was beautiful, full of people, and the streets along it were great to explore, full of shops, restaurants, and more. One of the “more” places is Bondi Ink Tattoo, where we spontaneously decided to go on our first evening of travel; the sun went down, the wind picked up, and we needed something to do. We called the parlor and they said they only had time for us immediately, so we rushed over. It was a bit terrifying for the pair of us, because it was our first time. No regrets for us, though. We love our small wave and sunshine tattoos, and even more so, the story and memory that accompanies them.


After Bondi, we spent a few days in the city. Our hostel was conveniently located right next to Central Station, and being students, we could get train tickets to almost anywhere for just $4.00. We may have gotten lost in the city for about two hours one day, but that allowed us to get familiar with the area.

We spent a day hopping on and off of a tour bus, which was definitely worth the money. It took us around the entire city, and we were able to spend our time wherever we hadn’t already been. The historic area of Sydney (near Circular Quay and the Sydney Harbour Bridge) was a really fun and interesting place to walk around, and is where we spent much of our time.



Another time we were in the historic district was when we went to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our tickets were for the sunset hike, and although the clouds prevented us from viewing the sun at all, the nighttime made up for it. I expected to be a little scared of the height, but I wasn’t at all – if you ever make it to Sydney, I highly suggest the Bridge Climb.


The last few days of our trip, we went to Coogee Beach and toured the Blue Mountains. Coogee was much more secluded than Bondi, with amazingly clear blue-green water. There was a little park on a hill where we ate ice cream and napped. Right below it was a natural pool area where we spent most of the earlier hours, climbing the rocks and taking photos of the views.


The Blue Mountains were stunning. After a two hour bus ride, as well as stops at a wildlife park and small town to eat lunch, we made it. Our tour guide gave us free time to explore; we hopped the fence and cut through the trees, ending up at waterfalls and lookouts.


Sydney was incredible, and I’m so thankful for the week I got to spend there.

Tomorrow, our orientation week begins, which involves games and activities all day, every day. I assume after the long week of fun, I will be back with some new stories.




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